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To start with, Milot doesn't have the usual story that he got his hands on an 8mm camera as a little boy and started his career from there.

No, Milot's inner fire for the profession only started at the age of 24. This started with analogue street photography, then shooting music videos for local artists.


He eventually finished film school in Brussels, to work as a Director of Photography within fiction and non-fiction projects.

His fascination with light is something that has sparked a certain desire to visually enhance stories. Painting with light, as he says himself.

To this day Milot still shoots street photography, he sees this as training his eye for composition, framing and light.

His visual style is inspired by the following artists: Fan Ho, Robby Müller, Michael Chapman, Greig Fraser, Dana Gonzales, Saul Leiter and many more.

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